Low Cost Counselling

Low Cost Counselling

Committed to accessibility.

At the HealthMind Clinic, we champion equity and inclusion, creating a welcoming space where all can receive counselling services with empathy and compassion. We believe in empowering you, enhancing your resilience, and supporting you in your journey to mental well-being.  

For counselling to be effective, it must be affordable and accessible. The HealthMind Clinic offers both in-person sessions in our downtown Vancouver office and virtual counselling for those who prefer or require the accessibility of online sessions. Counselling is offered at two accessible price points, with all HealthMind counsellors offering a complimentary introductory meeting to allow you to ask questions and determine whether the relationship feels like a good fit for you  

Intern Counselling- $55

HealthMind’s intern counsellors are graduate students completing their master’s degrees in counselling at City University in Canada. Having reached the final phase of their training and education, intern counsellors practice under the supervision and mentorship of senior therapists who are registered with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors as Registered Clinical Counsellors.  

At the HealthMind Clinic, interns are required to have previous work experience related to the helping professions, they have completed the majority of their master’s degree coursework, and they have passed a comprehensive examination that qualifies them to begin their internships. Our intern counsellors are integral and vibrant members of the HealthMind community, bringing fresh perspectives, diverse lived experiences, enthusiasm, and a dedication to learning and growing in their field. 

Registered Clinical Counsellor- $120

Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCCs) are therapists who have completed master’s or doctoral degrees in counselling or related disciplines and who have been registered with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. As registered professionals, services provided by RCCs are often eligible for reimbursement by extended medial insurance plans. We recommend that you confirm coverage for Registered Clinical Counsellors with your insurance provider before determining whether lower-cost intern counselling, or insurance-eligible registered counselling is the most sustainable choice for you.

Reasons for our affordable pricing

Our counselling services are affiliated with City University in Canada, allowing us access to resources and expertise at more affordable rates.

As a training clinic, supporting the well-being of our community while compassionate and competent counselling therapists is the heart of what we do and allows us to offer low-cost counselling options.

City University strives to make high-quality education accessible to all. The Healthmind clinic extends this mission of accessibility to the provision of high-quality counselling support with fewer financial barriers.

Initial Consultation

20 min


Master’s Level Intern

50 min


Registered Clinical Counsellor

50 min